BS 10012 - Personal Information Management System

What is BS 10012?

BS 10012 is a Personal Information Management System (PIMS). Data Protection management systems can be integrated or as a standalone. The Standard has been written in line with the GDPR and cross-references the requirements of the GDPR explicitly. For anyone who has read the GDPR and knows what a lengthy and daunting document it is, this is an excellent tool for approaching the requirements methodically.

Obtaining certification to the Standard will enable you to demonstrate measures and actions you have taken to drive compliance with the requirements around Data Protection. While no Standard can guarantee a breach will not take place, it should undoubtedly mitigate the likelihood. It’s also an excellent response if asked by the Authority (ICO), existing clients, and future clients what action you’ve taken to ensure GDPR compliance.

The Standard ensures that you have the necessary documentation in place. For example, data flows, data inventories, data protection impacts assessments, privacy policies form part of the management system. All of these documents are critical to assist with GDPR compliance. British Standards Institute (BSI) wrote the Standard and updated it in 2017 to come in line with the GDPR. To understand more about BS 10012, click here.

How can Global QA help us with BS10012 and GDPR Compliance?

GQA provides services for the implementation and maintenance of a BS 10012 management system. You will be assigned a Consultant. They work with you throughout the process. Your Consultant advises you on the requirements. They produce your management system following the Standard and legislation. Your team is responsible for implementing the requirements and following the advice. All of our GDPR Consultants are GDPR Practitioner qualified.

Why should we use Global QA to help us gain Certification?

Firstly, many certification bodies recognise us for the work we’ve done over the years since this standard was first published. Consequently, our Consultants are approved by certification bodies across the country. We feel this provides you with the assurance that you are in the right hands.

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