GDPR Training

Why do we need GDPR and DPA Training?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force in 2018. This Data Protection Act 2018 followed its release. However, many organisations remain unaware of the requirements or have read up online conflicting statements and myths. The biggest myth is the mandatory requirement for Consent! GDPR Training is paramount because your staff needs to understand their responsibilities when it comes to the protection of personal information. As a business owner, it is more than likely that you believe your staff must follow the data protection principles; however, it is equally important that your staff are trained and aware of how to do so.

How can Global QA help us with GDPR and DPA Training?

We provide tailor-made training courses. Ensuring that the training is relevant to your business and covers the various types of data processing you conduct is crucial. We like to deliver training on-site at your offices; however, we can offer remote learning if this is preferred.

We welcome an informal approach whereby delegates ask questions as we go along. Additionally, copies of the training material are available to all attendees at the end and any that missed the training session. Additionally, all attendees will receive a Certificate to evidence the training.

Annual refresher training is available should you feel it would be beneficial. The ICO continually releases guidance notes and codes of practice. Refresher training helps you keep up to speed. All training courses incorporate the latest guidance from the ICO. Refresher training is also vital if you have changed how you process information. For example, if you collect different categories or transfer and share them in different ways.

Why should we use Global QA for GDPR and DPA Training?

Our trainers hold GDPR Practitioner qualifications and have a wealth of experience consulting in the information security sector. They have had rigorous training and taken exams in the field to secure GDPR Practitioner qualifications. Therefore, we feel that this level of experience is vital to be able to provide hands-on training. We are recognised in our industry by the UK’s leading certification bodies for our work. Contact us today to discuss your GDPR training requirements.

Check out what the ICO has to say about the importance of training and awareness here.

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