GDPR Training

Despite coming into force, a couple of years ago now, many organisations are still unaware of the requirements of the GDPR or have perhaps read up online extremely conflicting statements and myths around the requirements, the biggest being the mandatory requirement for Consent! GDPR Training is paramount in ensuring that your staff understand their responsibilities when it comes to the protection of personal information.

Our trainers hold GDPR Practitioner qualifications and have not only got a wealth of experience consulting in the information security sector but have also had rigorous training and taken examinations in the field to secure GDPR Practitioner qualifications.

All training courses are tailored to be bespoke to the client. By doing this, we ensure that the training is relevant to your business and covers the various types of data processing which you conduct. Training is delivered on-site at your offices and we welcome an informal approach whereby delegates can ask questions as we go along.

Certificates are issued to all attendees post the training session.

Check out what the ICO has to say about the importance of GDPR training and awareness here.

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GDPR Training PDF fact sheet download