Data Protection Officer Services

Why do we need a Data Protection Officer?

When the GDPR came into force in 2018, many organisations were unclear as to whether or not they were mandated to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Many people are unclear of the requirements around appointing a suitable person. Due to the size and nature of some organisations, it is not practical to have a full-time member of staff fulfilling the role of Data Protection Officer. This is where we are here to help. Whether it be for a set period each month or to have one of our qualified practitioners on call as required, we can tailor the service to suit you.

Benefits of outsourcing DPO responsibilities:

1. Our Consultants providing DPO services are fully trained in the GDPR requirements and have a wealth of experience implementing information security management systems.

2. Using a third party such as ourselves ensures that impartiality is maintained which is a critical requirement of the GDPR.

3. Our Consultants will serve as the point of contact for the ICO on all data protection issues. This would include things such as data breach reporting – taking the stress out of your hands.

4. Outsourcing your DPO should see significant cost-savings. Outsourcing a DPO is a fraction of employing an appropriately competent person full time.

If you’re unsure whether you require a DPO or not, check out the Information Commissioner’s survey here.

Not sure whether you need a DPO but want more information on the GDPR? Check out our GDPR Training services here.